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Since the day our drugstore's doors opened, Philly Drugstore has been committed to providing quality healthcare to our community through convenient, personalized pharmacy care.

Committed to you since day one.

This is why our local drugstore offers a FREE Drugstore Delivered program for prescriptions and drugstore items, along with an online drugstore for over-the-counter products, quick online refills, instant customer support and more.

Keeping Pharmacy Simple

1. Create an account

This will allow you to fill prescriptions and place orders with ease.  We can also then go ahead and transfer your prescriptions from other pharmacies.

2. Place Order

Whether it’s to fill a prescription or order over-the-counter items, you can easily submit refills online, order drugstore items online, or shoot us a text or call at 215-423-1368.

3. Confirm Delivery

After you place your first order, we will reach out to you; to set up the best time and location for you.  We deliver everywhere in Philadelphia!

Philly Drugstore has completely transformed our lives. We sleep better knowing that we’ll get our prescriptions on time every month.
– Mary & Bob Lewis
Philly Drugstore Customer

Your questions answered

Reach out to the Philly Drugstore team anytime. Whether it’s prescription medications or adherence solutions, we are here to answer any and all of your questions. We are available via phone call, text message and email.

Frequently asked questions

What is Drugstore Delivered?

Drugstore Delivered is a pharmacy delivery service powered by locally owned and operated Philly Drugstore.

How does the Drugstore Delivered program work?

We start with having you create a Drugstore Delivered account, so that we can transfer all of your prescriptions to our local drugstore. Next you will place your order! You can place your order by calling us during store hours or visiting our website. After hours? You can still place your order by texting us, emailing us or ordering online 24/7! After your order is placed, we will reach out to you to confirm order and setup a delivery time that works best for your schedule. And that's it!

When do you deliver?

We offer our Drugstore Delivered program 6 days a week and deliver all over Philly. Customers can receive same day delivery, if orders are placed before 3:00 pm Monday - Friday, and before 11:00 am on Saturday. If orders are not placed before these times, they will be sent out the next business day, unless otherwise requested by the customer. All deliveries are sent out after 12:00 pm, and our delivery drivers go until all qualifying orders have been delivered that day.

*Prescription orders require a signature, and must have someone present at time of delivery drop off. If we miss you, we will reschedule for a day that works for your schedule.

*Non-Prescription orders will be dropped off as a normal package delivery.

How much is the Drugstore Delivered prorgram?

It is completly FREE to Philly Drugstore customers!

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