Philly Drugstore Team

Who We Are

Since the day our drugstore's doors opened,

in 1976, Philly Drugstore has been committed to providing quality healthcare to our community through convenient services and personalized pharmacy care.

Our owner and pharmacist, Chadd Levine, believes if you connect with a person on a personal level, that trust will let you help them to live a healthier life. We instill these values in our pharmacy services by providing convenient, personalized pharmacy care. Not only do we want to continue to serve our long-time local customers, but we want to expand our

services to the entire city of Philadelphia.

Delivering unparalleled
service to our city
since 1976 

Your questions answered

Reach out to the Philly Drugstore team anytime. Whether it’s prescription medications or adherence solutions, we are here to answer any and all of your questions. We are available via phone call, text message and email.

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